Friday, September 02, 2005

Too much money for Philly mass transit? Awwww, shucks!

Was trying to get my sorry bum awake and to work this morning when I heard a radio ad for "The Other PA."

The campaign criticizes Harrisburg for sending millions in tax dollars to support Philly's mass-transit system. Most specifically, its target is the tax money collected at Pennsylvania gas pumps through levies on fuel.

Its implication is that our state's biggest city is sucking down gas-tax money that should be used to prop up road networks elsewhere in the state.

An interesting claim. But here, just for argument's sake, is some food for thought:

Many thousands of people use Philly's mass-transit system. If they were to become gasoline-chugging hogs like the rest of us, they would force the state's gasoline consumption higher. Demand drives price and scarcity.

Which means, if it weren't for mass transit in Philly, everyone would probably see higher prices at the pump.

Maybe I'm wrong. But for whatever it's worth ...

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