Sunday, August 14, 2005

Technology and exhaustion: not a pleasant combination

You may notice CentreSquawker looks different this morning.

You are right.

You may notice CentreSquawker's archives has disappeared.

You are right.

See, in a state of complete exhaustion brought on by a day (and night) of just awful news for Centre County, Squawker logged on to update the blog this morning.

And instead of updating, he mistakenly deleted the blog.


A year's worth of blogging -- gone.

A specialized format -- deleted.

Squawker's not entirely sure how he did this, and he's pretty sure the boss won't be happy.

But Squawker's working on getting the blog back to ... well, back to something worthwhile.

Squawker apologizes and hopes your weekend is going well.

More to come -- soon!

CentreSquawker is a blog produced by Centre Daily Times reporter Adam Smeltz as part of, the CDT's Web site.

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